Magnetic GPS Tracker

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Magnetic GPS Tracker

A Magnetic GPS Tracker that's portable and features a rechargeable battery. This is WhereSafe's most popular GPS tracking option.

The portable Magnetic GPS tracker can be hidden anywhere in your vehicle. Strong magnets keep it secured under the car, under the hood, or in the trunk. The rechargeable battery can last for over 2 months on infrequently moved vehicles.

The Magnetic GPS Tracker updates every 2 minutes when moving, and sleeps to save the battery when not moving, updating every 8 hours. View the GPS locations on our Android or iPhone app.

Customize the alerts you will receive and know when:
- your vehicle leaves the city,
- the vehicle or driver is speeding,
- the vehicle moves after hours,
- the device is picked up and removed,
- and when the battery is low and requires a charge.

Just Activate the device on a WhereSafe service plan and place the device on a vehicle. Download the app and you are ready to go!